By: CropLife International 

Jake Leguee is a third generation family farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada. He grows several crops on his land including canola, wheat, durum, peas, lentils, and soybeans. We visited Jake during the harvest season to learn how he practices sustainable farming.



Jake and his family farm 13,000 acres, which is around 35 miles from one side to the other. This means the farm has many different land types and weather patterns.

Like many other farmers, weather is one of the biggest challenges that Jake faces on his farm. But with the right tools there are lots of things he can do to tackle this: “if we can maximize the crops water-use efficiency, we can make the best use of the weather we get. And the best way to do that is with good varieties, good nutrition, and taking care of pests in the crop.”

Jake follows integrated pest management (IPM) principles to ensure that he manages pests on his farm sustainably. Learn more about Jake and IPM here.

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