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From animations about global issues, to sharing stories about plant scientists and farmers, CropLife International houses a media library of over 200 videos. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite clips from 2017, including how to bring a crop protection product to market and innovations in plant breeding.


Training Vietnamese Rice Farmers

CropLife International is currently collaborating with the German international development organization GIZ, and the Vietnamese government, to train rice farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. In this video staff involved in the project explain how they are teaching farmers to protect their crops using integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.



This video is part of a series of five videos. Watch the playlist to find out from the farmers themselves how these training courses have changed their lives by helping them protect their crops.


Barriers and Innovations for Smallholder Farmers

Last October CropLife International partnered with Devex to organize a debate on the future of farming, looking at how innovations can boost smallholder livelihoods. During the event Julie Borlaug gave a TED-style talk on the barriers smallholder farmers face today and how technology can help them progress: “because the technology and innovations we have currently should be with the smallholder farmer!”



In case you missed the event, you can find all the talks and interviews on our YouTube channel including a recording of the event.


Plant Breeding Innovation

“Throughout history consumer and farmer needs have been answered with science, what could the future hold?”

Produced in partnership with the American Seed Trade Association, this video shows how plant breeding innovation has evolved to help us face 21st century challenges.




Your Crop Protection Questions Answered

Ever wondered how farmers trap insects, how fungi can help protect crops, or how much herbicide is needed to protect a field of crops? Find out more in this short series of videos.




The Latest Biological Plant Science Statistics

Did you know that growth in sales of biologicals increased by almost 10 times more in the last 10 years than growth in the synthetic crop protection market? Or that there are 2,300 biological products on the market? These six short animations will bring you up to date with the latest biological plant science statistics.




How Nature Provides Pesticides

Plant scientists use nature to develop products and pesticides that help all farmers – including organic farmers – to protect their crops. Watch this video to find out how tea tree oil and other natural products are used in crop protection.




The Important Role Plant Science Plays in Conserving Water

All life, especially crops, depends on water to grow. Agriculture today uses three times the amount of water it did 50 years ago, and by 2050 water usage is expected to increase by 19 percent. This video explains how plant science is helping farmers use water more efficiently to conserve this precious natural resource.




Bringing a Crop Protection Product to Market

Farmers work hard to grow healthy crops, but pests work even harder to destroy them. That’s why the crop protection industry has dedicated plant scientists working tirelessly to develop solutions for farmers. This video shows the steps involved to bring a crop protection product from the lab to market.




Honey Bees Abuzz Around the World

Pollinators play a vital role in growing many of the world’s key crops – one third of global food production is improved with the help of pollinators, most of which is performed by bees.




Boosting Health with Biofortified Foods

The plant science industry is working to improve public health worldwide by making crops more nutritious. This video shows how enriching crops can tackle issues like anemia.


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