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CropLife Asia features women farmers in their Farmer Forum Webinar Series

On November 26, the new installation of the Farmer Forum Webinar series was launched and it was focused on the challenges faced by women farmers in the wake of COVID-19. The topics explored labor shortages, transport and market access. In this webinar, we will learn that in different countries, there are also unique challenges that farmers face during these times. Let us all learn from our women farmers and listen to what they have to say:

Panelists include:

Ms. Henny Mapatangka – Mainstay Fisherman Farmers Group, Indonesia

Ms. Madhuri Ghosh – Mahila Bikash Cooperative Credit Society, India

Ms. Rosalie Ellasus – Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer, Philippines

Ms. Shalini Kumari – Farmer, India

This session was moderated by Ms. Sonny Tababa, Biotechnology Affairs Director.