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By: CropLife International

Reducing food waste can have a huge impact on food security and climate change. So, where do we start? It’s all about working together. By gaining a deeper understanding of the care, commitment, and hard work that gets food from the field to our forks, we can hopefully start to waste less of the food we buy.

In partnership with the European Crop Protection Association, we sent Ben and Mike from SORTEDfood on a journey to dig into the history of the potato to find out where it came from and how farmers use smart technology to produce the hearty spud on a global level. Along the way, they meet Angela Clutton, a food writer and historian, and Jacob Van Den Borne, a Dutch potato farmer. Going behind the scenes at his farm, they learned how he uses technology to grow his potatoes more sustainably to reduce any food loss on the farm.

Ever wondered what you can make from those leftover potatoes in your kitchen so they don’t go to waste? If anyone can tell you, it’s SORTED. Ben and Mike went head-to-head in the Ultimate Potato Battle, but who made the better dish? Let’s find out!



Want to have a go?

  • Grab Ben’s recipe for Spiralised Potato and Blood Sausage Croquettes on Potato Soup here. ​
  • Grab Mike’s recipe for Fondant Dripping Potatoes with Horseradish Pommes Purée here.

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You can also watch behind-the-scenes video clips from Ben and Mike’s chats with Angela and Jacob, to find out more about where potatoes originated and how this nutritious crop is protected to ensure it makes the journey to your table.